Solar Water Heater - Gulbarga, Kalaburagi,

  • Heat exchanger-based water Heating Systems designed especially for cold
  • climates and for hard water inputs(300 to 3000 ppm)
  • Water to be heated is in contact with SS Heat Exchanger and not with the copper tube of Collector (Planted Technology). Hence, no scaling in collector tubes, even with hard water inputs.
  • Thermosyphon Systems. No circulatory pumps for high reliability.
  • Special heat exchanger fluid prevents freezing in collectors even in extremly cold conditions.
  • Reliable-electric Back-Up and corrsion protection*.
  • Optional Air Relief valve and Float Chamber.

Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)

  • Wonder Ultimate :
Glass Lining (GL)
Special Lining (SL)
Pressurized (PR)

Wonder Standard -