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Solar Rooftop Gulbarga, Kalaburagi

Solar Rooftop System Installation: Vallabha Solar offers efficient rooftop solar solutions that are easy to install, operate and offer cost effective access to solar energy. 


Solar in North Karnataka Districts

We have successful track record of Sales, Service & Support of Solar Systems, Battries. We are tie-ups with company manufacturing Sudarshan Saur brand & TATA BP Mainly for Solar Products. Also we have dealership with Sothern Battries, Sukam for Solar Related Products.

We are thus Constantly working towards improving our After-Sales-Service. Making our Service "Prompt" and "Reliable" is our Motto. This is possible only through the Feedback that we get from our Customers. We thus request you spare few minutes of your valuable time to help us serve you better of our Service.


We have succuessfully installed solar Proucts in North Side of Karnataka It includes the districts of Belagavi, Vijayapura, Bagalkot, Bidar, Bellary, Kalaburgi District|Gulbarga|Kalaburgi, Yadagiri, Raichur, Gadag, Dharwad, Haveriand Koppal district Major cities in the region are Belagavi, Hubli, Dharwad, Bellary, Vijayapura, Kalaburgi, Bidar, Ranebennur, Chikodi, Hospet and Gokak.


Having worked on more residential systems and the largest commercial systems in North Karnataka over the past 10 years than any other company, we are confident we can tailor a solution for you as well.

Solar Battries Gulbarga, Kalaburagi

Solar Battries

Solar Dealers Gulbarga, Kalaburagi

Vallabha Enterprises (Solar Dealers) - Gulbarga, Solar company that is driven by the singular vision – harness the power of sun to enable solar everywhere. Vallabhar Solar operates in distinct segments – Solar Servicing, Solar Battery & all types solar related product i.e Solar Water Heater, Solar Pumps, Solar Batteries, Solar Lantern, Solar Fencing, Solar Lighting Kit, Solar Street Light, Solar Garden Light etc

We are working relentlessly to provide access to energy especially in the remote, off-grid parts of India, which makes us the most trusted solar power company in the country.


Solar Fencing -Gulbarga,Kalaburagi,

Solar power fence is an electrical fence. This system actively controls entry of animals, human beings by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock. 

Electric fence energizer produces a short, high DC voltage pulse (5-10kV) at a regular rate
of one pulse per 1.2 second and lasts only 300 millionths of a second. Hence, the shock is completely safe.



Protection of crop/property
No electric connection required, no electric bill
Automatic operation
Low maintenance
Reliable yet safe operation