Vallabha Solar - Gulbarga / Kalaburagi

We have successful track record of Sales, Service & Support of Solar Systems, Battries. We are tie-ups with company manufacturing Sudarshan Saur brand & TATA BP Mainly for Solar Products. Also we have dealership with Sothern Battries, Sukam for Solar Related Products.


We are thus Constantly working towards improving our After-Sales-Service. Making our Service "Prompt" and "Reliable" is our Motto. This is possible only through the Feedback that we get from our Customers. We thus request you spare few minutes of your valuable time to help us serve you better of our Service.

Having worked on more residential systems and the largest commercial systems in North Karnataka over the past 10 years than any other company, we are confident we can tailor a solution for you as well.

Expertise sets us apart! 

• Expert knowledge - over 15 years combined experience!
• We are Industry trained Installers 
• We have Quality materials
• Meaningful warranties that stand behind our work
• Simple, affordable solutions!

So, what is best for your Home? 

Heavy users of hot water such as multi-family homes, restaurants, laundromats, gyms and car washes can benefit the most from solar hot water systems! The technology is 70% efficient and is a perfect commercial solution against rising energy expenses! Why spend your budget on natural gas when free energy strikes your roof every day? A Solar Service Representative can help you size a system that meets your needs, keeping ROI and budgetary goals in mind. By examining your electric usage, we will recommend a system that reduces your electric bills, builds company pride and shows customers and vendors that you are doing your part in reducing demand for conventional electricity.


Our residential portfolio must rank amongst the largest in the North Karnataka region. Below are typical examples of residential installations.


Solar Services has installed numerous installations for commercial applications. Client list includes numerous Private Companies, NGO's, Government Departments.